Not Really A Dilemma for Brian J.

When cleaning the store room a week ago, I came across a couple of New York newspapers:

I picked them up the last only time I was in New York, back before children. I would say “that one time the Hilton where you were staying caught fire,” but I have been to other Hilton properties that have caught fire (and some other places as well) in the interim.

So: What to do with these?

I mean, they both have headlines about the Yankees winning in the playoffs or something, so I suppose they could be collectibles. I suppose I could sell them on Ebay or try to. Or I could just recycle them. Or….

Well, part of the extended part of cleaning the store room was to bag up the collection of lad magazines I kept from my subscriptions in the early part of the century, when I was turning 30 and wanted the magazines to keep up with the latest bands, movies, and it girls. The bin had room for these papers atop the magazines, so in they went.

It really wasn’t much of a dilemma after all. Although I am not sure why I am compelled to keep these two papers that mean nothing to anyone else and, ultimately, little to me.

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