3 thoughts on “My First Trip to New York, Short Version.

  1. Oh my! I’m assuming you two were out when this happened so you skipped the day tour to the local emergency room for smoke inhalation?

  2. Sorry, but we got the opportunity to participate in the Hilton’s free beginning “29 Flights of Evacuation”, intermediate “29 Flights Back To The Room”, and advanced “29 Flights With Luggage to Check Out” fitness programs.

  3. Sounds like a true Aaron Vacation: I was in Manhattan for the weekend before July 4th. My 21 hour train ride from Chicago was 4 hours late with no crew contact, no food announcements, and an air conditioner that wouldn’t stop (turning it into Guantanamo on Rails as one neighboring passenger put the pillowcase over their head to keep warm), my train ride back was missed due to Act of Gorgeous Blond and the second one out of town was cancelled, forcing me to sit at Penn Station for 5 hours held hostage by my luggage, since they had no baggage lockers due to terrorism concerns.

    Come to think of it, the gorgeous blond negated a lot of the problems.

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