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Vince Lombardi remembered as an LGBTQ+ ally during Pride Month

Yeah, no.

Ally has a particular meaning in this day and age: A person who performatively shows support for the cause. It’s hard to imagine Vince Lombardi flying a rainbow flag outside his home.

Instead, the article (which brings up George Floyd and Black Lives Matter to approve of them as well, although no word on what Lombardi might have thought). Supporting arguments in favor of “allyship” are that he had a gay brother and that he did not treat his player(s) who later came out as gay differently than the others. Kind of like he treated people as individual persons when interacting with them. The article makes use of current-year recollections of people who knew Lombardi (who died over fifty years ago, remember) to support its thesis which reads mostly like an undergrad paper making its word count and on a deadline to lead off Pride month.

It sounds a lot like Lombardi treated men as individuals. Which is what good people do. And I still believe there are more good people than “allies,” but that would not show without the performative aspect.

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