We Know The Feeling

Cedar Sanderson is relearning the joys of kitten:

Gets dressed… extricates kitten from closet.
Feeds cats… extricates kitten from pantry.
Opens dishwasher… extricates kitten…
This is giving me fond memories of having toddlers.

Toast is not a bad kitten. She’s just curious, and energetic, and that’s fun to watch.

I mentioned that we found some kittens on our property last October, and I don’t know if I’ve updated you much since, but we know how Ms. S. feels.

Maybe it was our mistake in naming him Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, but Nico, the smaller of the kittens, is awfully clever. He has learned how to open drawers and kitchen cabinets so that we had to childproof our kitchen again with child locks on facing cabinets and Velcro latches on the other cabinet doors. Last week, he got atop my bureau, opened the top drawer, hopped behind it, worked his way down behind the drawers, and buckled the bottom of the bureau to make a little cat hideaway. He’s also notorious for shredding and tearing paper, including that which he finds in my filing cabinet. His older (and larger) brother is more of a sweetheart, but he is happy to participate in his brother’s adventures and to learn his new skills.

Kittens looking for snacks.
Kittens watching birds with Roark.
Cisco scaling a screen.
Nico in the paper shredder.
Bow before the Dark Load Nico.
Nico wishes to be at a café in the south of France.
Nico shredding old receipts from the file drawer.
Nico wonders if he can jump onto the ceiling fan.

We have also removed the canopy bed rails so that Nico cannot get up there while the ceiling fan is running. And note that the shredder has a big hole in the back, behind the actual shredder, which allows Nico to get into it to get out shredded paper. You know, cat toys.

Everything is a cat toy.

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