Good Book Hunting, Saturday, August 6, 2022: ABC Books

For the third weekend in a row, ABC Books had a book signing. This time, Marshfield’s Randy H. Greer came in to sign copies of his new book Buff Lamb: Lion of the Ozarks about a lawman in Christian County (which is only a mile and a half south of me; if I take the long route for a walk, run, or bike ride, I nick into Christian County for a little bit of it). I thought the story sounded familiar–I remember reading about this sheriff or one like him in one of my local papers–it turns out, a bit about this book appeared in the Marshfield Mail, where I had likely seen it.

I got a couple of things.

I got:

  • Buff Lamb: Lion of the Ozarks and Echoes of Mercy, Greer’s stories from his days working at the Federal Medical Center, a hospital complex for Federal prison inmates located here in Springfield.
  • Aikido Techniques and Tactices by Gary Bennett, the other aikido book I’d left last week at ABC Books, officially draining the martial arts section again to another book on Tai Chi walking and Raw Combat.
  • Twice a Week Heroes by Danny Miles, stories about fast pitch softball leagues in Springfield. There were a stack of them on the shelf below the martial arts section. I’ll be in a conundrum if Miles shows up at ABC Books soon to sign copies.
  • Poems by Mary Baker Eddy, the Christian Science church founder. A 1918 edition, this would have come out eight years after her death.
  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. A flat-spined collection of poems, but the cover calls Kaur a New York Times Bestseller. So this ain’t no chapbook.
  • 100 Bill Harvey Poems by Bill Harvey. They look to be theologically flavored. But I will end each poem hearing Paul Harvey say, “Good day!”

At any rate, it should give me a couple of handy collections of poetry to read out back in the evening. If I can find them again easily once I move them off of my desk and into the stacks of the Nogglestead library, where books just disappear.

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