The Jazzy Pajama Pants Of Nogglestead

Every Christmas, I give the family warm pajamas in their current sizes (which will sometime soon be settling into their permanent sizes, as the boys are finta stop growing soon). This year, I gave everyone kinda fuzzy pajamas, which we soon learned should be line-dried instead of run through the dryer, where they started to deteriorate with one or two tumbles. So we hang them in the bathrooms of Nogglestead to dry. My beautiful wife’s garments get hung in the master bath, and the boys’ things get hung in the hall bath. As they are now using the hall shower, we can no longer use the shower curtain rod as a clothesline, so I’ve put the top on the towel hook and the pants on the towel bar.

Which leads to some motion when the air conditioner cycles on.

I can’t walk by that and not here the synth keyboards of Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”:

You know, that music video creeped me out when it came out. I was but a wee lad of eleven with a vivid imagination for things that go bump in the night, and the discombobulated mannequins tripped my switch. The song, and video, was popular when we lived in my aunt’s basement; we saw it on KHTR’s Hot Hit Video television program which came on after the news on Saturday nights (we could stay up that late, but not late enough for Friday Night Videos on Friday nights). That’s how kids who did not have access to cable and MTV watched videos. Unlike today, where kids with or without access to cable go to YouTube because MTV started playing its original, insipid, and cheaper, content instead of music videos.

At any rate, to sum up, if you don’t click either of the above videos to play them, the pants move a little when the air conditioner comes on and the vent below them starts blowing cool air, and the Herbie Hancock video has pants kicking in time with the music at various other parts.

I don’t have any Herbie Hancock records, and I assure you, Future Shock, which I assume has similar pre-electronica stylings, will not be my first. Unless, of course, I find a vinyl copy for a dollar.


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