We’re Getting To An Age

OregonMuse, the poster of the hoity-toity Ace of Spades HQ book thread on Sunday mornings, has passed away.

You know, we longtime bloggers are getting to that age, are we not?

I am going to miss his book threads and his morning rants.

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2 thoughts on “We’re Getting To An Age

  1. Darn — I liked the book thread. Blessings for OM’s family and here’s hoping they can find someone else good for that entry.

  2. You know, I thought he might be a lurker here as he posted Robert Urich and Mary Crosby from Ice Pirates on a Morning Rant Who Dis? right after I posted on the movie, and I’d relatively recently picked up a reader in Oregon. The Oregon reader has visited since OM posted.

    I also liked the Morning Rants, especially the Who Dis which I rarely got, but when I did, I felt smaht. Or when I pointed out a mistake in one.

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