Not A New Error

In a comment on a recent post about the arthur c. booke Time’s Eye, I said:

Niven got a healthy assist from his stable of co-authors. I don’t know if Clarke’s co-authors were as good, but I’ve not read any of Stephen Baxter’s work although I probably have some around here. And I hope I’m forgiven for confusing him from time to time with Steven Barnes.

In 2017, I bought a Stephen Baxter book at Hooked on Books, and I said then:

A science fiction novel by Stephen Baxter. Whom I confess I confused until just now with Steven Barnes, the Larry Niven collaborator. ONLY NOW IS THE TRUTH OF MY FOLLY REVEALED! Well, the proof of the pudding is in the reading, so perhaps it was not folly after all.

To reiterate, I have not read a book by Barnes or Baxter without their benefactors.

Which is only fair. The few people who have read my science fiction work have done so because of my benefactor editor, Jerry Pournelle.

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