Good Thing All The Pipeline Construction Is Halted

City Utilities calls natural gas supply ‘critical,’ urges customers to conserve power:

City Utilities said late Sunday that the energy market’s supply of natural gas available for the Springfield area is “critical” and that the public should make every effort to minimize energy use during the current cold snap.

CU stopped short of issuing a “peak advisory” alert at this time, chief spokesperson Joel Alexander said. But he said it was “potentially” possible that a peak advisory or even “rolling blackout or brownout” conditions could be seen in Springfield in the near future. Meanwhile, market prices for natural gas have surged, costs that are likely to be passed onto ratepayers — a reality that prompted howls of online umbrage from customers who took to the City Utilities Facebook page Sunday.

The cancellation of the currently incomplete pipelines and whatnot did not lead to this shortage.

However, continuing to oppose new energy production and streamlined transportation of the energy products will lead to these situations continuing in the future.

But we never apply the if it saves one human life from freezing in the sort of cold snap that happens every couple of years yardstick to energy production and transportation, ainna? It’s always if it saves one animal life or some such.

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