Apparently, I Do Not Own All Of Her Albums

So I have been thinking about writing some more Christmas album reviews, since they’re popular parts of the deep content here around Christmas time, and I have been thinking of including CDs I own instead of just record albums. Of course, I was thinking about that because I was without a means of playing records until I recombined the electronics here in late November. So, clearly, the idea of resurrecting the Christmas album reviews is another plan I’ve meant to put into action but have not yet.

Not being able to listen to the records meant I piped things from my phone a bunch, which is why I had been listening to Christmas CDs (ripped and streamed). One of them is Erin Bode’s A Cold December Night which opens with a song called “Skating”.

I wanted to review the lyrics, so I did an Internet search for them. The song does not appear on any of the common song lyrics sites, but I did see it listed on some Spanish-language site. Clicking through did not take me to the lyrics for “Skating”, but instead a track list of Erin Bode songs.

Well, now. Apparently, my collection of her albums is incomplete.

I mean, she is a nice Lutheran girl who did an album of Lutheran hymns (Be Still My Soul). She also must have done an album or two of Methodist liturgical music.

Either that, or some random Internet site in a foreign language is inaccurate. I’m just kidding! The Internet is infallible.

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