I Would Have Signed This Petition

James Hong, ‘Hollywood’s most prolific actor,’ may finally get Walk of Fame star:

He has more credits than nearly anyone in Hollywood, yet he still isn’t a bona fide “star.”

In his legendary career, actor James Hong — who recently went viral as “Hollywood’s most prolific actor” — has accrued more than 600 acting credits and inspired countless careers, yet he still doesn’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Now, a growing group of fans is actively trying to change that for Hong, 91, whose diverse projects include “Seinfeld,” “Big Trouble in Little China” and “Blade Runner.”

Also Wayne’s World.

Hopefully he gets the star. Although, to be honest, the headline aside, I would not have signed an Internet petition because I think they’re worthless and a waste of time. I prefer to spend my worthless and waste of time on an old timey Web log.

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2 thoughts on “I Would Have Signed This Petition

  1. I too would hope he gets recognized. Endurance is a worthy characteristic.

    My understanding is that the most important signature is the one on the $50,000 check to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for installation and maintenance. Without it no nominee, however popular, is so enshrined.

  2. I would not sign that.

    I have run down his filmography, and I’ve seen him in a number of things, but no where near most of his things.

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