When You Get Your Biblical History From Facebook

So I saw this on my cousin’s feed the other day:

(Not that cousin but rather her sister, who often posts enlightened Buddhist- and Hindu-flavored posts but lately has given over to celebration of the current troubles and their themes.)

At any rate, I am no biblical scholar, but, come on. Let’s look at some whities in the Bible:

  • The Persians, who originally migrated from the Caucasus. Does that sound like the word Causcasian to you? It should.
  • The Galatians were a Celtic people.
  • Pontius Pilate was likely from Central Italy.
  • I would say Timothy, but he was of a Greek father but Jewish mother, but in the new old one-drop accounting, this means he was not white. Also note that in this ethnography, people of Jewish origin are no longer white, but I think in some accountings, they are still white or not POC. I get so very confused.
  • Various and sundry Romans and roman soldiers.

I am not a Biblical historian, but I can certainly think of a number of instances I can come up with off the top of my head where the Bible might have included a white people put this twee claim (from a church no less!) into doubt.

I don’t know why this rankled me so much. Perhaps because this kind of “truth” is passed around by people who probably don’t believe in the Christian faith to rebuke those who do and disagree with the meme-passers on current thought.

You could argue that most of the “white” people in the Bible are bad guys, I suppose, but it’s pointedly from the time of Paul onward designed to be a religion for Gentiles who are sinners, so perhaps if you went down that road of argument, you wouldn’t really have a point.

Why do I argue with memes? Don’t I have anything better to do than get outraged on the Internet? To be honest, it’s hard to be on the Internet now and not get incensed. Even on Facebook. Even on LinkedIn, which used to be a professional Web site but which is also currently filled with political content. Eesh, pardon me whilst I close my browser again.

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2 thoughts on “When You Get Your Biblical History From Facebook

  1. I’d have to check the latest Melanin Index, but if I’m not mistaken we are to consider modern-day Israelites white oppressors as well, and the largest plurality of their by-now mixed genetic material is not European.

    It’s a lot of fun to have a seminary degree and read all of the suddenly-developed but essentially similar readings of what Jesus said being converted into some things he probably wouldn’t have said.

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