Good Book / Album Hunting, December 15, 2018: “Christmas Shopping”

I had a couple of hours to myself this afternoon as my children and my beautiful wife prepared for the Sunday School Christmas Program tomorrow. So I went and did a little bit of Christmas shopping which brought me to ABC Books and Relics Antique Mall, where I found a little something for myself as well.

ABC Books posted on social media that they’ll be closed next week for the annual inventory, so I told the proprietress that I would help by making it so they didn’t have to count so high.

I got:

  • Cold, Dark Night by Mike Daniels, a short story chapbook whose author had a book signing today.
  • Games Zen Masters Play.
  • Pragmatism by William James, which I would be surpised if I didn’t own in some form already.
  • Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring to see if I can learn any new tricks since everyone at the dojo has seen my old tricks.
  • The Martial Artists Way by Sifu Glen Doyle and with a forward by Elvis Stojko. Because if anything screams authentic martial arts, it’s an intro by a male figure skater.
  • The Paper Dragon by Evan Hunter. I told the proprietress that he was better known as Ed McBain, but his birth name was Sal Lombino (look it up). I am a font of knowledge.

I have more books than I could ever read at this point, but not more books than I want.

I also picked up a couple records at Relics (but not the Phoebe Snow album that I spotted earlier but seems to have disappeared). Browsing records is getting to be painful at the antique mall as the prices still are climbing.

Nevertheless, I got:

  • Gentle Is My Love by Nancy Wilson, who died earlier this week.
  • Passion Fruit by Michael Franks since WSIE is feeding me a steady diet of his song “The Lady Wants To Know” (which is not on this album).
  • Prisoner in Disguise by Linda Ronstadt because by Linda Ronstadt. QED.
  • Inside Moves by Grover Washington, Jr., because who doesn’t like sax?
  • The Misty Sax of Ace Cannon because who doesn’t like sax? Do I have to repeat myself?
  • Dream with Dean by Dean Martin. I think I already have it, but the cover on this is cherry.

I think I’ve fallen out of the “One for you, one for me” protocol this year in Christmas shopping, but I’m still spending more on others than myself, but that’s only because I’m avoiding the eight dollar LPs. For now.

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