Good Book Hunting: LibraryCon 2017, August 18, 2017

This year, I made it to the little free comic/science fiction/fantasy convention that the Springfield-Greene County Library puts together.

Unlike, say, St. Louis Comic Con last year, this convention included a number of sessions and panels with authors and artists. I wanted to sit in on a couple, but as it turns out, I dragged my youngest son to it, and he was only a little invested in it. Still, we made the rounds of the tables in an hour, and I bought a couple things.

I’m a sucker for independent, self-publishers. So I got:

  • The first three volumes of the S.T.A.R. Chronicles, Empire Triumphant, Revolution, and Total War by a kid from West Plains, Joshua Clark.
  • Obsidion Son by Shayne Silvers. It looks to be an urban fantasy thing set in St. Louis. At least the main character, being a male, won’t break my heart like Anita Blake did.
  • A roll-up edition of the first three issues of a comic called Noir City.
  • The first two issues of Spectral Void, a science fiction comic that looks to be light on the writing and heavy on the art, as my youngest read both of them in the truck on the way home. Although he might not really have been reading them.

I also got for the boys a small bit of art with Spiderman and Deadpool (sorry to my comic book artist friend who hates it when people buy these) and a larger print from the artist who did Spectral Void. They also got a selection of Free Comic Book Day remainders that the Library was giving out.

You know, I enjoyed the pageantry of the convention and would have liked to sit in on those sessions as I mentioned. Perhaps I’ll make a greater effort to attend these sorts of things in the future.

Oh, and if you’re worried about me buying more comic books before completing my current goal of finishing all the others I already own, don’t worry–I only bought these three, and I’m down to a stack of about 20 New Mutants, a couple of Teen Titans, and a couple of other one-off things. So it’s not like I went and bought thirty old Battlestar Galactica issues (as I did at St. Louis Comic Con last year). I’m still on target to complete this life goal this year. Which will actually be the third–I guess you’ll have to hope for a year-end round up to see if I made it and to see what my other goals were.

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