Turn By Turn Directions, The Manly Way

This weekend, I took a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. Although I’d been there before and kinda new the route, I wanted to be sure, so I got turn by turn directions.

The man’s way.

You got that?

It’s easy to pick up and see without having to find your place on a crowded page and it’s better than having an untrustworthy voice on the phone telling me where to go.

Although, I confess, I printed a map of the neighborhood where I was going.

Because I want to know the layout of nearby streets so I know where to look for my turns and what to do if I missed them without waiting for a satellite to help my mobile device recalculating.

I may not have been a scout, but I can read a road map. Which will serve me post-apocalypse, maybe.

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2 thoughts on “Turn By Turn Directions, The Manly Way

  1. Driving through the Plaza?

    My sympathies.

    Everybody OK? You did visit a hospital after all.

  2. I have a brother in the hospital there. I ended up parking my car at the hotel and walking for transportation when I needed it, which wasn’t much.

    That Plaza is an inside-out mall, ainna?

    I am sad I missed the dragon boats, though. That’s this Saturday.

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