I Know The Feeling

Fillyjonk says:

And I realized: this is one way in which I am kind of useless in the brave new world* in which we live: I know poetry, and I can make jokes off of it. But I’m fairly useless at business or economics beyond balancing my own checkbook. And while I like that I know these things – I value that I had a prep school education**, still, it’s further evidence of how I don’t fit in in a lot of ways.

I know the feeling.

I make a lot of quips and allusions that require a bit of classical knowledge intersected with popular culture. They’re awfully funny to me. And once in a while, someone else gets the joke, and that is the best feeling in the world.

(Link via Dustbury.)

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1 thought on “I Know The Feeling

  1. I once swore I wouldn’t date anyone who didn’t get the majority of my quips. As it turned out, the only ones who did were unavailable for various intractable reasons.

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