Good Book Record Hunting: October 22, 2015

So I snuck off to the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library Book Sale on Thursday to raid the LPs.

Here’s what I got:

This includes:

  • Pete Fountain The Sunsetters $2.00
  • Sergio French La Dolce Italy $7.00
  • Brass Impact Going Someplace $7.00
  • Roger Blackburn Barbershopping in Brass $5.00
  • Henry Mancini 10 $0.99
  • Pete Fountain Plays and the Angels Sing $3.49
  • The Brass Connection $4.50
  • Steve and Eydie Together on Broadway $4.50
  • Perry Como Hello, Young Lovers $0.68
  • Dinah Washington What a Diff’rence a Day Makes $0.99
  • Jackie Gleason Presents A Taste of Brass for Lovers Only ?
  • Maria Callas Arias I Love $4.54
  • Dean Martin Greatest Hits Volume 1 $0.50
  • Dresden State Orchestra Wagner Overtures ?
  • Jim Howard Pat Sullivan Jazz Orchestra No Compromise $9.99
  • Jackie Gleason Presents Lazy Lively Love $1.25
  • Jackie Gleason Presents Lush Musical Interludes for That Moment $1.00
  • Quincy Jones and His Orchestra The Quintessence $1.50
  • Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra Blows His Horn $4.49
  • Artie Shaw and His Orchestra Moonglow $1.00
  • Pete Fountain Something Misty $0.90
  • Boots Randolph The World of Boots Randolph $0.51
  • Living French $3.00

All the LPs were a buck each; the thumbnail values above are courtesy of Discogs. They’re a quick lookup, represent what others are selling the items for and not what people will pay for them, and in no way shape or form should be used in tallying my personal wealth.

Still, Discogs leads me to believe I might have come out with $40 more value than I spent. Of course, they’ll give me hours of enjoyment so it’s more than that.

I also picked up a couple dollar books on the way by: A short bio sketch of H.G. Wells and a dollar collection of chapbooks grouped about their common theme of humorous accents. No doubt you’ll see some of them reported on biemby.

I don’t know if I’ll hit the Better Books section of the sale on half price day (Saturday) or bag day (Sunday). It’ll have to depend upon how flush I’m feeling on the weekend and how the scheduling shakes out. But I notice that the Friends group has wisely scheduled bag day on the Packers’ bye week. Do they know me or what?

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