The Default Antecedent

At Nogglestead, sometimes we’re unclear in our communications. Sometimes, we use pronouns whose antecedents are in our heads, like when we think of a particular item but call it:

That thing

Such as:

  • “I’m going to bring that thing in.”
  • “Hand me that thing.”

And so on. It might not be clear what “that thing” is, which can result in a communications error.

For clarity, we’ve established a default antecedent in this case.

“Where are you taking that thing?”

Whenever someone says “that thing” without an appropriate gesture or talking about something specific prior to its usage, “that thing” is replaced with “Chewbacca” in the sentence.

For example:

  • “I’m going to bring Chewbacca in.”
  • “Hand me Chewbacca.”

This has improved interpersonal and intrapersonal communications greatly.

Feel free to use Chewbacca yourself.

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