Good Book Hunting: April 27, 2013

On Friday, I volunteered at the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library semi-annual book sale. So you might think I would then go on Saturday to the same book sale. But ah, my foes, and ah, my friends, that’s the way one gets too many books.

Instead, I went to the Friends of the Clever Library Book Sale, which is held in the firehouse down there and only has six or seven tables of books. That way, I would self-limit on my purchases.

Oh, how the best laid plans of mice and men and so on. Because I did not take into account that one of those tables might be almost completely filled with Mack Bolan / The Executioner related Gold Eagle titles.

Friends of the Clever Library Book Sale 2013

I’ll spare you the individual titles, but amongst the paperbacks I scored:

  • 45 Executioner titles.
  • 15 Mack Bolan titles.
  • 3 Able Team titles.
  • 9 Stony Man titles.
  • 2 Soldiers of Barrabas (S.O.B.s) titles.
  • 2 The Mercenary titles.
  • 1 Agents of War title.
  • 1 Soldiers of War title.

Eat your heart out, Mr. Kenney.

Additionally, I got some other books:

  • Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert Heinlein.
  • Science fiction books by William Gibson and Cory Doctorow.
  • A collection of “Life is Simple” columns by Jerry Crownover.
  • The Tron Storybook

Among others.

Total cost: $30 with renewal of our Friends of the Library membership.

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