They’ll Sell Software Interface Controls To You Wholesale

Need a check box? You can order one from this toll free number. Now you can offer your users the ability to select more than one answer for a question!

Need a check box?  Order now!

Seriously, though, when I received a check order last week, instead of putting the checks into little chipboard boxes and wrapping them for mailing, Deluxe (not living up to its name) put the checks between two sheets of chipboard and into a large plastic envelope to mail them out.

For the environment, of course. Because now instead of some cellophane and some reusable little boxes, Deluxe, like Puma, has redesigned its packaging to lower its costs and then tries to convince us it’s for the environment.

Unlike Puma, though, “Deluxe” offers to sell us the former packaging for an additional cost. Apparently, Deluxe is ready to throw over the environment if there’s an additional buck to be made.

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