Book Report: Trash to Treasure 2 by Leisure Arts, Inc. (1998)

Okay, okay, I said I didn’t like the first book of this series that I read (number 8 in the series), but here I am looking through another one.

Well, they’re quick and probably not entirely a waste of time.

Still, it’s heavy on the country kitsch that does not appeal to me (yet–give me a decade surrounded by fields and horses, and we might have a different aesthetic sense entirely–watch for the blog theme to be white and red checkerboard with stitches dividing the posts and sidebars).

Instead of the reliance on the aluminum cans, this book features a large number of projects that use the bottom of plastic food trays. I could see it. Maybe my children and I will make suncatchers sometime from them. Probably not.

Additionally, #8 recycles a project from this book: light bulb Christmas ornaments. Talk about using old things in a new way! Of course, if you’re going to do this, you probably want to do it while incandescent bulbs are legal.

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