I Hope They Name The Commission In Charge BOHICA

Hey, is it that time already?

A delegation of St. Louis business leaders spent much of Monday in the Quarterback Suite at this city’s new Lucas Oil Stadium, a fitting place to think about a big looming question for St. Louis: What to do with the Edward Jones Dome.

As everyone in the room was aware, the Rams will be free to leave their lease – and St. Louis – after 2015 if the stadium does not measure up among the top quarter of facilities in the NFL. Despite being just 15 years old, the Edward Jones Dome is not even close.

So ears perked up as some of the people behind Lucas Oil Stadium described their efforts to build the $1.1 billion, 63,000-seat downtown complex, and keep the Colts in Indianapolis. One thing everyone from Indy agreed on: Building a new stadium is going to cost public money.

Meanwhile, team officials cross their fingers behind their backs and promise to build a mixed use commercial and housing development called “Stadium Village” just as soon as they get done spending the public money on the stadium and its luxury boxes for the committeemembers who get it the government money.