Book Report: Craftivity edited by Tsia Carson (2006)

This is a crafting book for the DIY lifestyle. It says so on the cover. In the introduction, the editor talks about how doing it yourself is part about getting off the grid, man, and freeing yourself from the institutions. Or something. One of the contributors, before showing how to put patterns in moss on rocks, laments that he could go to prison for spray painting someone’s property, but that someone blasted and chiseled a natural treasure and made Mount Rushmore and they call that a national monument.

So this is a crafting book for loft-dwelling latte suckers in Janeane Garafolo glasses. Personally, I’ll take the dowdy old lady craft books for their no-nonsense, make something but not a statement style.

That said, the book breaks it down into categories of different media, such as metal, wood, fabrics, and so on, so it runs the gamut of different craft styles. You can probably find something to do in the book. I’m thinking about painting using the glass in frames. I remember a kid did that in the gifted program in seventh grade. Surely I could do something equivalent to that.

The book wasn’t a waste of time by any means, but that idea above and, frankly, the tone of it are about all I remember of it. So buy yours by clicking below!

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