Good Book Hunting, July 15, 2023: ABC Books

Saturday found us at the zoo for my beautiful wife’s last event as a member of the park board, and the zoo is right by ABC Books, and ABC Books was having a book signing with members of the mystery writers’ group again, so we stopped by.

I did not even go into the stacks as I expected that the martial arts section would be empty.

I got:

  • The Fugitive’s Trail and A Lone Wolf by J.C. Fields.
  • The Scarry Inn by Shirley McCann.
  • Moonbeams and Ashes by Margarite Stever.
  • Truth or Dare & Other Tales by V.J. Schultz.
  • Vengeance Is Mine! by Sage Hunter.

McCann, Fields, and Stever have other books available, but I limited myself to the first in their series. After all, my wife was watching. She got a copy of Vengeance Is Mine! as well, and I’m going to have to be careful to make sure that gets into her office. On the other hand, that would double my chances of reading the book soon, shelving it in my to-read stacks.

But, Brian J., didn’t you already get the two Fields books last time the mystery writers’ group had a joint signing? Apparently so, gentle reader, but I started trying to get that Good Book Hunting post up on my mobile device as we were preparing to leave the zoo, I could not do it quickly, so I just hoped I would remember the authors. I did not, and I am pleased that I only got duplicates of the two. So I have passed those along to my wife who likes thrillers.

So I really only got 4 books that are relatively short this trip. Which is quite an achievement.

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