Please Reset the Counter

Please reset the counter for Days Since Someone at Nogglestead Made A Reference to Manimal to 0.

My oldest said if he had a superpower, he would like to be able to turn into a cat.

“What, like Manimal?” I said, knowing full well that Manimal turned into a panther, not just a house cat.

The Wikipedia article for the program mentions two other series from NBC 1983 that got axed, but which I remember acutely (as I previously mentioned): Jennifer Slept Here and We Got It Made.

Also, someone from Hollywood must read this blog, as I said when commenting on Jennifer Slept Here:

Jennifer Slept Here–really, I haven’t brought that up? It didn’t run very long, but I can still remember the theme song. Also, with this and the short run Eric Idle vehicle Nearly Departed makes me wonder why we don’t have reboots of ghosts-live-here sitcoms these days–but both of these were very short runs indeed, which perhaps answers my question.

Currently, CBS’s Ghosts is on its third season.

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2 thoughts on “Please Reset the Counter

  1. I liked all 3 of those shows. It felt like they quickly canceled all of the shows I liked as a little kid

  2. I did not see Manimal when it came out; I think it came on at 9:00 which was my bed time.

    I remember the others, though. Perhaps too well–as a young man, I was a bit focused on blondes. I blame NBC, briefly, in 1983.

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