Melodrama I Saw On Television and the Internet

The cover of Reader’s Digest November 2022, which would have hit homes and checkout counter magazine racks right before the midterm elections:

Siege at the Capitol: A Drama In Real Life®

Wait, no, that’s not right. Let’s try again.

Siege at the Capitol

No, how about

Siege at the Capitol

I’m getting there, I suppose, but I’ll stop now.

Contrary to what partisan Congressional “committees” and partisan news media would have you believe, this was ultimately less life and death than it might have seemed at the time to members of the elite who might have felt they were at risk. But it was less of an insurrection and more of an unauthorized parading.

I don’t remember Reader’s Digest talking about long-lasting riots or no-go zones in 2020 or the Occupy movement a couple of years before as Dramas in Real Life®, but I guess they were longer-term events than singular incidents you usually see in this feature.

Or maybe used to see in this feature if you ignore the subscription renewal forms that start when you first subscribe and continue twice a month until after your subscription lapses to the ultimate conclusion.

Someday soon, my periodical intake will fall to the NRA magazine and a couple of Catholic theology monthlies. If the Catholic theology monthlies can stay for the most part out of politics.

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