It Will What?

City of Springfield seeks application authorization to end youth homelessness

One cannot make sense of the headline, but if one clicks through and reads the story, it makes sense.

Springfield City Council will meet Tuesday and vote on the approval of an application for a grant to end youth homelessness.

Senior planner Bob Atchley is seeking authorization from the city council to apply for the Youth Homeless Demonstration Program Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. If awarded, the minimum the city would receive is $1 million.

“This would potentially be huge for youth homelessness in our community,” said Atchley. “It literally will allow us to develop a plan to hopefully end youth homelessness in our community.”

It’s about applying for a one million dollar grant, which some government and governmentish people will spend to create a plan to “end” youth homelessness.

The skeptical amongst us know this will not “end” anything, but certainly it will spend the million dollars. And maybe even yield a paper requiring further ongoing funding to implement. To not “end” anything, because the end would also be the end of the funding.

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