Big Data Knows I’m A Big Bollywood Fan

In addition to Twitter sending me inscrutable messages about players in the Indian film industry, Facebook has gotten into the act by showing me promoted posts about Bollywood actresses:

Who the heck is Alia Bhatt? Apparently, she is an Indian-born British actress with a discography.

Here is one of her songs, presumably in Hindi:

You know, I might have an affinity for women singing in foreign languages; perhaps Facebook is stepping up to fill one of the gaps that Charles Hill left in introducing me to new music.

And she would not be a Bollywood star if she were not pretty.

But I did not click the ad; I shan’t suddenly get into Bollywood productions; and her CDs are not readily available in the US. So all I got was a blog post about it.

And probably some reinforcement for the machine learners that I am a Bollywood fan. In spite of my protests to the contrary.

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