Summer Musical Balance Update

This spring, my musical balance was awobble as I bought some pop music. I’ve been accumulating more music this summer, and my normal musical balance has been upended a bit as well.

As you might remember, gentle reader, my CD purchases tend to even out between heavy metal and jazz songbirds. However, I seem to have broadened my purchases a bit as I have bought some male jazz performers as well.

Since March, I have bought:

So, we have 5 female jazz singers; 4 metal bands with women lead singers; 1 jazz male singer, 2 male jazz trumpeter, and 1 Japanese pop cellist.

Also, when I played one of the Chris Botti albums whilst reading in the evening, my beautiful wife said, “He’s not a woman.” So apparently she has discovered my musical predilections–pretty women on the cover or performing. Although not exclusively.

So who can resist CDs with these lovely women on the cover?

Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast

Nicoletta Rosellini of Walk in Darkness

Jade Etro of Frozen Crown

Kanon Wakeshima

Kayla Waters

Anita Rosamond


Jazmin Ghent

Whether they sound as pretty as they look or even prettier, I leave to your aesthetic judgment, gentle reader.

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