Got The Magic Words In The Headline (II)

Plymouth shooting gunman ‘is America obsessed gun nut who shared Donald Trump quotes’

Undoubtedly, his favorite was the one where Donald Trump said if you cannot get laid, you maybe should try injecting some lead into random people; it couldn’t hurt.

You might be forgiven, casual news glancer, if you started to connect Donald Trump and QAnon and Republican with anything bad ever happening anywhere on the planet.

Forgiven? Heck, you will be rewarded with up-twinkles.

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2 thoughts on “Got The Magic Words In The Headline (II)

  1. To be honest, it had been so long since Occupy Wall Street, that I was not entirely sure whether the term was “up twinkies” or “up twinkles” any more.

    I took a stab at it, and it turns out up twinkles it was.

    I agree, though. Caffeine infused pastries are a product I would hoard. Except I would not hoard them, I would buy and eat them in vast quantities.

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