Great Mysteries Of The Universe

Gas prices have been steadily rising in Missouri. Here’s why.:

There are multiple factors that go into setting gasoline prices, making it hard to pinpoint a reason for an increase. However, a couple of contributors help explain the recent surge, AAA East Central spokesman Jim Garrity told the Louisville Courier Journal.

Snowstorms in the Gulf Coast shut down refineries, halting 40% of gasoline production last month. Prices of crude oil, which is what gasoline is made from, have also risen $15 since the beginning of the year, he said.

Gee, why are petroleum prices rising?

You know, policies of the new administration that stifle energy development in the United States and that de-stabilize this middle east? Nah, it’s just that petroleum prices are rising. Pay no attention to whatever’s behind the curtain.

I meant to take a picture of the local gas prices to pair with this image from October of last year:

However, I’m an old-school photographer and managed to get a finger over the relevant parts. Gas prices are a dollar higher here in the six months since I took the photo above. Because of a snow storm that lasted two weeks? Um, skeptical.

Perhaps the Neanderthal thinking of states opening up despite Federal SCIENCE!® Bureacracy will paper over how the new policies are going to impact employment. But only for a while. Maybe.

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