That Would Make An Interesting Movie, Perhaps

From Gardner’s Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War:

Among the prisoners brought to this place was a woman, clad in rebel gray. She was taken, mounted astride a bony steed, apparently performing the duties of a scout, but claimed to belon to a battery of artillery. A degraded, wild specimen of humanity, of Irish extraction, with a shock of tangled black hair hanging in elf locks down to her shoulders, she proved the centre of interest to idlers of the camp.

Sounds like a role for Natalie Portman.


At these should would occasionally hurl stones, being particularly hostile towards the negroes, who gave her a wide berth, to avoid the missiles, which she threw with considerable force and accuracy.

Well, that could be left out of the movie. Along with the fact that this woman was a Confederate, which is also right out.

So, never mind. Maybe another super hero movie will do the trick. Why haven’t we rebooted Howard the Duck yet?

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