The Second Most Viewed Book Report on MfBJN

I might have mentioned, gentle reader, that amongst the 1500-odd book reports on this humble blog, for some reason my book report from 2013 on Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Sire de Maletroit’s Door is very popular. Probably because it’s on the first page of Google search results.

Would you care to guess what is the second most popular book report here?

The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan. I’m also on the first page of search results for that book.

Or perhaps it’s Devil’s Pool: A History of Big Cedar Lodge by Charlie Farmer. I’m also on the first page of search results for that book.

You know, after seventeen years of blogging and those 1500 book reports, it’s good to get some traction in the marketplace. Now, if only I could get back on the Amazon Associate Program and rake in the big bucks. And by “big bucks,” I mean about one percent of the annual operating budget of this hobby of mine. The blogging, not the book reading. The couple dollars I used to make annually from the Associates program wouldn’t even be a line item in my annual book buying budget. It would be lumped with the other income too small to identify, such as Google Ads.

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