Good Book Hunting, April 21, 2020: ABC Books

So I ordered my weekly (soon to be more than weekly ABC Books order before the weekend, which means I got it on Tuesday instead of Thursday.

Which means I can order again already.

I got:

  • 97 Ways To Make Your Cat Love You by Carol Kaufmann. This is humor. I hope.
  • Lafayette by Martha Foote Crow. Part of the True Stories of Great Americans series. You can tell we’re off to a roaring start when we talk about the great American Lafayette.
  • The Cat Who Came To Christmas by Cleveland Amory. I’m surprised I don’t own one of these books already (a search for “amory” on the blog brings up a couple of Heinlein books for their polyamory). I think I listened to one of his books on tape, but that must have been twenty (!) years ago or so.
  • The Poems of Alice Meynell by Alice Mynell, a 1923 edition and in a Mylar cover. Who? you might ask. Look it up on Wikipedia like I just did. An Englishwoman poet from the turn of the 20th century. A contemporary, but a little older, than Edna. St. Vincent Millay.
  • Whoppers: Tall Tales and Other Lies by Alvin Schwartz.
  • Napoleon’s Hemorrhoids and Other Small Events That Changed History by Phil Mason, a collection of pop history pieces.

Meanwhile, my beautiful wife got some books in the mail:

From other used bookstores.

You see, she knows of a book and goes looking for it. Me, I want to see what ABC Books (or the various book sales) have that I might want. One could probably draw all sorts of conclusions about our life philosophies from this anecdote.

At any rate, restrictions might ease in the next week or two, which will mean that I’ll be back to only buying four or five books for every book I read. Which is a more normal pace.

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