Good Book Hunting, March 16, 2019: ABC Books

ABC Books has been doing a good job of lining up authors (well, all except one) to come in on Saturday afternoon, so I try to make an excuse to go up there when I can to visit the authors and get their books. Which is why I was up there on Saturday even though I already bought books on Thursday.

So I bought a couple.

I got:

  • To a New Mom… From A Used One by B.J. McCauley, the author in the store. When I saw the event announced, I thought it might be a memoir of raising kids a la Dammit Bre, but when I spoke to the author, she led me to believe it’s more about reaching out, as she not only had a number of kids on her own, but she also fostered a bunch of kids and once, a kid and its parent. So it might be more about reaching out to at-risk youth. I’ll find out when I read it.
  • The Zen Way to Martial Arts by Taisen Deshimaru. This should be right in my wheelhouse, ainna?
  • Dynamic Tension by Harry Wong. It looks to be a series of exercises pitting your muscle groups against one another for strength and better control of each.
  • A Path to Liberation: A Spiritual and Philosophical Approach to the Martial Arts by Herman Kauz. It might just be dynamic tension with The Zen Way to Martial Arts.

It was an hour round trip to the north of Springfield to support a local-ish author and my friends at ABC Books. And, I cleaned up after my recent bookshelf collapse by stacking the books horizontally on the surviving shelves, which means I have more room for books.

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