The Classic Rock Coffee Album Cover Quiz (II)

Yesterday, I had a second opportunity to kill some time at the Classic Rock Coffee shop after dropping my kids off at school, so I sat at another booth and snapped a picture of the album covers on the walls.

How well did I do?

Well, let me bold the ones I have:

  • Riptide Robert Palmer
  • Dream Police Cheap Trick
  • Rockin’ Into The Night .38 Special
  • Get the Knack The Knack
  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin
  • 4 Foreigner
  • Brothers in Arms Dire Straits

Okay, so that’s a whopping 0 out of 8.

Apparently, I am a classic rock poser. I didn’t even recognize two of the covers and couldn’t make them out. This would probably be easier in any month but October without the fake spider-web decorations.

In my defense, I once saw BTO in concert at Summerfest. Also note I do have greatest hits collections from Foreigner and BTO, so I have the hit tracks from each album in my personal collection.

As I mentioned, 25% is likely to be the ceiling for my scores in these quizzes. If you recognize one of the album covers I couldn’t identify, leave it in the comments, and I’ll correct it in the list above. I won’t likely correct it in my music collection, though.

(The first in this series of quizzes here.)

UPDATE:Thanks be to Friar for supplying the missing album titles. In unrelated news, he titled his post today after another classic rock album.

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5 thoughts on “The Classic Rock Coffee Album Cover Quiz (II)

  1. The first is Robert Palmer’s 1985 “Riptide,” with “Addicted to Love.” The second is Cheap Trick’s 1979 “Dream Police,” from which the title track made a very little Top 40 noise.

  2. I own the first two and “Get the Knack.” Used to own them all in vinyl, even, although they are now just on my hard drive. I have several singles from the Zep, Foreigner and Dire Straits LPs and one apiece from .38 Special and BTO.

    Always bought all kinds of stuff, it seems ;-)

  3. I came of album-buying age in the late 1980s, so much of the stuff on the walls at Classic Rock Coffee will be too early for me, although I did have a turntable when I went to college, so I came upon some records by Pink Floyd and Billy Joel, but if I got anything from classic rock bands, it would have been greatest hits collections.

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