Going the Extra Mile, Unnoticed

So yesterday was All Hallow’s Eve, and there was an event featuring costumery of children, and we attended.

The youngest dressed as Darth Vader, so Daddy’s all getting into the 21st century thing, and he (being I) determined that the Star Wars Imperial March was in order.

So I pulled it up on my phone in YouTube.

But that would not allow me to loop it, so I paid for an iTunes download and struggled with getting it to play and looping it (how did I get to be an old man who does not understand technology? It happened last night, apparently, and I don’t know how). And I placed it in my coat pocket so the Imperial March would be heard as he walked up to the cars at the trunk or treat thing and asked for goodies.

That was the plan, anyway.

In the excitement, the only person to notice was another little boy who we were following in the circuit. He was tall enough (that is, short enough) that his head was about the level of the trench coat pocket, and he kept glancing at it. Probably wondering why I wasn’t answering my phone.

But it’s important that you, dear Internet, understand I am the unheralded Best Dad Ever. Or at least the best dad my kids have.

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