The Sunflower Is Ashamed

What have you done, o Sunflower, to hang your head so?

The shamed sunflower

I’d say, “Open thread,” but the posts here are a whole lot of open and not a lot of thread.

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2 thoughts on “The Sunflower Is Ashamed

  1. Open thread? Okay, let’s talk about ponies.

    I hope that season 4 of My Little Pony provides more information about the nature of Princess Celestia and the cosmology of the MLP universe. It’s clear that Celestia is some sort of divinity. She’s either ageless or ages imperceptibly slowly.

    When she made Twilight Sparkle a fellow alicorn, some fans worried that Twilight would be cursed with immortality. But a producer tweeted that Twilight would not outlive her friends. Some interpreted this statement to mean that she would age normally (as Princess Cadance appears to).

    But I think that fans are unnecessarily confusing being immortal with being ageless. Alicorns might age to adulthood and then never die from natural causes. But there’s no reason to think that an alicorn could not be killed. Note that the episode “A Canterlot Wedding” shows that even Celestia is vulnerable to attack.

    So the hint that Twilight will not outlive her friends might indicate that the writers plan to kill her off.

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