Suburban St. Louis Candidates Oppose TIF Financing

I find it an encouraging sign that candidates running for mayor of Ellisville oppose a TIF proposal designed to give a land developer buckets of money:

Sansone has asked for an $11 million in tax-increment financing assistance and $4 million other tax subsidies. The city’s TIF proposal would let Sansone keep 100 percent of new property taxes and 50 percent of new sales taxes generated at the site to use for development-related costs. It would last for up to 23 years but is expected to be retired in 14 years.

Two of the four candidates oppose the TIF outright, although one is against it because it would include a Walmart, and the candidate says:

He also opposes Walmart moving to the site and says it would hurt local businesses. He added that Walmart often moves on in seven to 10 years to another city offering tax assistance.

The candidate apparently opposes inexpensive consumer goods for Ellisville residents. As to his assertion that Walmart moves on, I have to ask: Have you ever known a Walmart to move like this? The Walmarts of my youth out in Jefferson and St. Louis County are still in their original spots after 30 years, but they were built before free government money was the norm.

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2 thoughts on “Suburban St. Louis Candidates Oppose TIF Financing

  1. Actually, the Walmart just down Manchester Road from Ellisville has moved several times. Recently moved to eminent-domained property in the city of Manchester, it was previously in Town & Country, and Des Peres before that. Like much retail space on Manchester Road in West County, the physical store in Town & Country sits empty; the Des Peres store is now a Burlington Coat Factory.

    Additionally, in North St. Louis County, the city of Bridgeton recently waved TIF money around to get a new Supercenter built down the street from an older Walmart. The previous store was partially within the city of St. Ann.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Those were not my corners of the St. Louis area.

    So the fellow might have a point about that.

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