Book Report: Fatherhood by Bill Cosby (1986)

If you’re a long-time reader, you know I like Bill Cosby (see Cosbyology, Love and Marriage, and Time Flies). This book came out in the middle 1980s, so it includes some of the bits from the Bill Cosby: Himself film, but it also has a number of other essays and anecdotes about raising his children (and about being raised as a child).

One thing I still don’t get is the inclusion of the Forward and Afterward by Dr. Alvin Poussaint. Maybe Dr. Cosby hopes to make a meta statement about the themes within his book, add a dash of seriousness about them, through this device, but frankly, I found Dr. Poussaint’s advice to be trite. But maybe that’s not targeted to me.

One of the better in his line of books (I say having read Cosbyology most recently, so I’m working from that constraint).

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