Wherein Brian’s Cultural Selections Again Intersect With Playmates Of The Year

Angela Dorian, PMOY 1968, is in custody for attempted murder.

She appeared in the original Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth” as Isis, the cat/human companion of Gary Seven.

I just read Star Trek: The Eugenic Wars, which features the characters Gary Seven and Isis.

It’s getting harder and harder to explain these intersections to my wife, particularly after the whole Shannon Tweed/The Firing Line film selection. But therein lies another story.

UPDATE: Name changed to protect the presumed innocent as corrected by Charles Hill in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Wherein Brian’s Cultural Selections Again Intersect With Playmates Of The Year

  1. I am not sure this involves Internet memes.

    But it’s a good strategy to hide that which you cannot explain without embarrassment: call it an Internet meme, and you’re off the hook.

  2. Having spent too much of my life contemplating Playmates, I am bound to point out here that it’s Angela Dorian. (Well, actually, it’s Victoria Vetri, or maybe something else.)

    Then again, there was SS Andrea Doria, which sank in 1956.

  3. I didn’t connect the dots in my thinking very well, did I? What I meant was that, as you say, it’s sometimes best to not explain how you know information that could be incriminating. Such as your encyclopedic knowledge of Playboy.

  4. I don’t have to explain it. She knows.

    Mrs. Noggle helped me load several hundred issues of Playboy into her car trunk and back seat once. Including the issues with Angela Dorian and Shannon Tweed in them.

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