Book Report: The Impressionists by Denis Thomas (1975)

I wish I could have read this book more closely, but a previous owner had removed pages, probably pages whose reverse included pretty pictures the previous owner wanted for crafts or display. As such, I would read along into the life of Degas, for example, and suddenly would find myself in the middle of the life of Renoir. So I gave up reading too closely and focused on the paintings. Well, the paintings that the previous owner of the book did not think were worth tearing out.

As with any survey, it can give a broad overview or help broaden your perspective. Reviewing this book, I learned that I need to review the work of Mary Cassattm more closely, as I like it. However, I don’t like Paul C├ęzanne as much.

But that’s what these kinds of survey books are for. Also, they fill the time between plays with something cultural on a Sunday afternoon.

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