Book Report: Step-by-Step Pyrography by Bob Neill (2005)

This is the second book of pyrography I’ve read in the run-up to my first attempt at it (The Art of Woodburning being the first). It’s not the better of the two.

Essentially, it’s a bunch of different projects with photos of the finished project and the same steps, over and over. I mean, it’s not like in other crafting books where you do a lot of different things. Here, you essentially take a piece of wood, copy a pattern onto it, burn it into the wood, and maybe add color to it.

The book offers the photographs and includes essentially those same steps on each set of pages.

I suppose if they did it differently, such as pairing patterns with project ideas but omitting the steps, the author would have had to come up with twice the number of projects to fill the same number of pages. And that would have probably made a better book.

On the other hand, I do take away from this book that you can use a woodburning tool, at least the woodburning tool used by this author, to work on leather and laminate. That I did not know and might try sometime. After I finally settle down and do this bit of woodburning I have in mind.

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