Book Report: The Art of Woodburning by Betty Auth (2001)

This is the first book I’ve looked at about pyrography, the art of using a soldering iron-like implement to char pictures into wood. So I’ve learned a lot, including the word pyrography. The book inludes a number of projects to get you started and a fair number of templates you can photocopy and trace to make designs on wood. However, the book was first and foremost a good primer on the use of the tool, the different tips, and the different techniques for shading and whatnot. Granted, I probably would have gotten similar instruction from any book about pyrography that I’d bought, but this book will do the trick for you if you’re like I was.

Well, if that isn’t the briefest and most useless book report you’ll read all day. But these are craft books, not novels examining the sweeping themes of human existence. What’s important is that you know I read it.

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