But It Flies In The Face Of All Intuition!

The usuals decry this decision by the St. Louis area grocers: Schnucks allows concealed-carry in stores after six-year ban:

The signs barring the carrying of concealed weapons inside Schnucks quietly came down earlier this month — more than six years after they first went up in the grocery chain’s Missouri stores following the passage of a state law allowing individuals to carry concealed weapons.

But the aisles will run red with blood conmingled with catsup from bottles broken in the shootout! Gun opponents just know it from their invaluable intuition!

Schnucks has not barred weapons in four other states — Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, and Tennessee — where the company has stores and where there are concealed-carry laws on the books. And there haven’t been any problems in those states, she said.

Gun opponents decry this measure, saying the bloodshed should remain on the streets, where they intuited it would run when Missouri allowed concealed carry in 2003.

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