Book Report: Tabletop Fountains by Dawn Cusick (1999)

I saw an episode of Creative Juice where Cathie and Steve made a fountain, so I’ve thought of giving it a try. This book offers a bit of technical insight into how to make them and 40 projects for indoor tabletop fountains.

I don’t know what more to offer you in a book review about a craft book here. It doesn’t look too difficult to make a fountain, and the projects don’t offer that much variation. Nothing wild in here, just some water tumbling down some rocks, although the book does include one water wall sort of fountain. The designs are from a variety of designers, not just the author, so you see some variation, I suppose, but it is a narrow band of handicrafts.

Of course, I’ve already checked another book out of the library on the subject. No doubt my book report for that one will be even more droll. I ought to start putting up photos here of the various things I make like I do on Facebook so at least you, gentle readers who are not my Facebook friends, will see them.

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