Good Book Hunting: March 14, 2009

Today offered the Eliot Unitarian Chapel’s annual book fair. This marks our third year going out to Kirkwood to see it, and this year the books were cheaper than in previous years, which helped me gorge.

Additionally, Kirkwood Baptist Church cleaned out its library and had an impromptu book fair of its own, which helped me gorge.

Finally, we stopped at the Old Trees Recreational Center for its annual garage sale. Within, I found parts of two sets of National Geographic books for fifty cents each. I couldn’t stop myself!

Here’s what we got:

Three places, 63 books
Click for full size

Some of the highlights of the 63 new books:

  • America Alone by Mark Steyn and Blog by Hugh Hewitt.
  • Several volumes in the University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers and the British Council and National Book League’s Writers and Their Work series, hardbound for libraries.
  • Some historical memoirs, probably with a faith bent.
  • Some Existentialism, including hardbound copies of The Stranger and The Plague by Camus and an examination of Sartre’s philosophy which is probably more readable than Sartre’s philosophy.

One would think that having to use the third row seating in the SUV for a person might have trimmed my purchasing given the knowledge that someone would be sitting under it. One would not know me very well to think it.