Palin Debate Rally After Action Report

Last night, Gimlet, Froggie-Girl, Jack Straw, and a civilian attended the Palin debate watching party and rally at SLU’s arena:

Hottest ticket it town

I drove down to the local state senator candidate’s office, dragging two reluctant children including one who found a golf ball and decided to show his pitching arm in the office while I filled out personal information on attendees. No one collected the tickets at all.

Unlike the cool kids like Gateway Pundit, we didn’t get to sit in the lower bowl or work the rope line. We sat upper deck amongst the plebes.

The Palin crowd

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There are the floor level people gathering before the debate.

The Palin MC

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Here, an MC whose name I didn’t catch tries to rally the troops. Me, I remained unrallied, at least to the point of the chanting.

Palin debates on-screen

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We watched the debate on the big screens.

Biden debates

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Biden on the big screen. To be honest, I applauded at some things that Biden said. Unfortunately for Biden, it was when he said things like John McCain clubs baby seals, at which point I clapped loudly because I hate the little carbon emitters myself. On several of the points Biden made and I applauded, a lot of people in my section applauded as well. Others thought I was a Biden plant.

Country and western while we wait

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While we waited for Palin to arrive after the debate, a country and western singer entertained us with “God Bless the USA” and a couple of woman anthems. I set the odds at 3:7 that she’d sing “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert; I lost, but we did get a bit of “Independence Day” by Martina McBride, a different song about killing your man.

Some people say Obama cannot draw a mass crowd without a free concert. I have to admit the same holds true for Palin. I just came to see this singer. Whoever she was. I’m her biggest fan.

Palin arrives

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The Straight Talk Express pulls right into the arena. It looks to be burning oil. Jack Straw asks, “Do you think they pulled it right into the arena?” Oh, yeah. Secret Service preferred it that way.

Palin at the podium

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There she is. She spoke for a couple minutes, using a bit of the same things she said at the debate.

Palin on the rope line

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There she is, working the rope line. Might be shaking Gateway Pundit’s hand there or something. Wait, hang on.

Palin on the rope line, highlighted

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That’s her.

Final thoughts: Palin did really, really well. It’s the largest rally that I’ve attended, and frankly, it weirds me out to see that many Republicans having fun in one place. Also, the whole political rally was very close to a hockey game atmosphere, although they weren’t serving beer. They couldn’t have served enough beer to keep up with the Joe Biden drinking game. Also, I have a serious case of camera envy. Jack Straw’s camera took pictures such that you can actually see the people in them.

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  1. Wish I’d had the time to go to that thing.
    How did you like Larry’s new palace?
    I’ve been in there a few times through work, and I think it’s pretty nice.
    Heard the lower level flooded during the big storm though.

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