You’ve Forgotten A Key Point, My Dear

My beautiful wife links to a story about an Oracle manager, an Indian, who used his undue managerial influence to receive monicas from a developer, also an Indian. So of course she sued Oracle.

My beautiful wife says:

And the kicker.

The lawsuit said that Oracle knew or should have known of the different cultural and legal context in which Anand was used to working in India, where managers can often exert unfettered power over their female subordinates.

Um, no. What could Oracle have done, anyway? If it, as an entity, was unaware of said manager’s particular behavior, what could it have done?

You poor, uncynical creature. This is a perfect case of DIYD/DIYD (an acronym pronounced “died-died”). Because the Oracle did not treat the non-Caucasian differently than it would treat an American, it’s getting sued. Of course, had it treated him differently, he would have sued them.

Lawsuits all around! It’s a paradise!

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