Those Are Rookie Numbers

Apparently, Steven Hayward of Powerline only has ~2500 books. And he’s a professor never the less!

What’s the size of your collection? How has it contracted or expanded over the years?

No idea. I tried counting up my books about thirty years ago, when I went over 1,000, and I’d guess I have maybe 2,500 or more by now. But I am going to shed a lot of books I used for research on books or academic projects from twenty years ago or more and am unlikely ever to need again.

Jiminy crickets, I have that many bogging down my 20-year-old book database, and that only counts books that I have read or reference books, not the other half of my library which I have yet to read (and none of my beautiful wife’s books are in that tally).

And, yes, I did look at all the pictures in the article to see what overlap we might have, and the only thing I spotted was the set of Churchill’s World War II books. Which I might get to after finishing Durant’s The Story of Civilization in 2030 and perhaps before Summa Theologica.

(Link seen on Powerline, natch.)

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